Haarlem Oil

Alchemical Tradition
since 1650


Haarlem Oil has a sulphurous history.

This is a 400-year-old alchemical discovery, which originated in the city of Haarlem in Holland. The license was acquired in 1923 by Dr Thomas, pharmacist, then passed on to Dr J. Lefevre, doctor and pharmacist. This Haarlem Oil comes from the combination of Sulfur (sulfur complexes) with essential oil of pine and linseed oil of natural origin.

Our original formula
since 1923

Haarlem Oil provides the organism with a bioavailable non-oxidized organic sulfur.

SULFUR is one of the 7 so-called macroelements: Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, SULFUR, Sodium, Chlorine, Magnesium.
It plays a leading role in the body since it is part of the living molecule along with Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. It therefore actively participates in all the phenomena of Life and is of the utmost interest to all physiology.


The complexes

Our body is a large consumer of sulfur. Also, its renewal is essential for good cell balance. Its recommended daily allowance (RDI) is estimated at 850 mg. Humans cover part of their diet by consuming vegetables (the alliaceae family), meats and eggs.
Ref. “General food directory” REGAL 1995.

This contribution remains insufficient ... but how to fill it?
Quite simply by food supplements enriched in sulfur complexes assimilable by the body.


In plants

Plants produce molecules called "phytochemicals" to protect themselves from attack and react to hostile conditions in their environment. These phytochemicals include in particular sulfur compounds which are found in high concentration in garlic, onion, cauliflower, leek, black radish and in lower concentration in fruits.

In the egg yolk

Recognized as having a high concentration of sulfur complexes.

In thermal waters

Thermal waters rich in sulfur compounds have long been traditionally used as a therapeutic support in ENT and rheumatology.

Haarlem Oil