Important Announcement

Dear Client,

For more than 100 years we have been producing our Haarlem Oil with the greatest respect for the traditional alchemical method. Our expertise allows us to always offer quality oil.

The manufacturing process of our Haarlem Oil always remains the same.

Our oil is unique and of irreproachable quality and is distributed at European and international level.

Recently, authorities in some European countries have recommended that the daily intake of alpha-pinene should not exceed 40 mg. Moreover, some European countries already apply this recommendation. Thus, in order to comply in these countries, our 200 mg capsule will evolve and will contain 38% Haarlem Oil and 62% linseed oil. Note that for France the original 200 mg capsule 100% Haarlem Oil is still available for a certain period.

Rest assured that this development will in no way change the quality of our products. It will even satisfy people who find the capsules a little too high in Haarlem oil and will avoid possible inconveniences for some (such as belching).

We also announce a temporary closure of our online store. (Temporary closure scheduled for mid-June)

More and more of you want to take advantage of the benefits of our Haarlem Oil. To meet this growing demand, we have set up an online store that we now need to update and develop.

Due to this renovation, we therefore inform you that our e-commerce site will no longer be operational for several months. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

To make us forgive, get a -15% discount on orders placed before the temporary closure. It's a good time to replenish your stocks, take advantage of it quickly! With promo code HAARLEM15F

Of course, for our French customers, our solutions remain available at our resellers, distributors and in pharmacies. For orders from other countries please contact us.

We remain at your disposal for any questions, and wish you a good day.

The Haarlem Oil team of Dr. Lefevre Laboratorie


The name of Haarlem comes from the city in Holland, Haarlem Oil is produced by combining sulfur with essential pine oil and linseed oil.

Discovered by Dutch alchemists more than 400 years ago, Haarlem Oil has never ceased to be a well-being essential. This ancestral oil is often compared to a sulfur spa treatment at home. Indeed, the reputation of spas comes in particular from the benefits of sulphurous waters, appreciated since Antiquity. And Haarlem oil is a solution of natural origin providing sulphur!

Haarlem Oil is the eponymous oil of the Dutch city rich in history and culture. Indeed, it has housed many schools of alchemy. It is a research practice with a major objective: the composition of an elixir of long life and the discovery of the philosopher's stone. It was in one of these schools that Haarlem oil was born. It will be produced for 200 years by several families, all related. Very soon, this alchemical treasure will be distributed worldwide by Dutch merchants. It is still considered today as an ally of well-being.

Pharmacy of Haarlem in Holland

Made in France for over 100 years, in the respect of the traditional alchemical method.

Traditional alchemical method

Capsules Haarlem

Made in France for over 100 years, respecting the traditional alchemical method, Haarlem Oil has been known and recognized for years by health professionals as an essential wellness product for our body.

It’s a simple and healthy answer to providing your body with organic unoxidized sulfur and boosting vitality! A «grandmother’s remedy» which still has a bright future ahead!


A 400-year-old alchemical discovery

Haarlem Oil is the result of a 400 year old alchemical discovery, which originated in the city of Haarlem in Holland. The license was acquired in 1923 by Dr Thomas, pharmacist, then passed on to Dr J. Lefevre, doctor and pharmacist. This Haarlem oil comes from the combination of Sulfur with essential oil of pine and linseed oil of natural origin.


The benefits of Sulphur

Our bodies need essential elements for cell renewal.
Among these essentials… Unoxidized organic sulfur!



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