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The name of Haarlem comes from the city in Holland, Haarlem Oil is produced by combining sulfur with essential pine oil and naturally occurring linseed oil.

It provides the body with a highly bioavailable sulfur which will participate in the proper functioning and comfort of the joints, will have a soothing influence on the respiratory tract and will contribute to an excellent detox. Excellent for athletes who need to recover, but also for everyone, especially during the changes of season, it is taken in the form of capsules in a one-month cure at each change of season or even regularly throughout the year at a rate of 1 or 2 capsules per day as needed.

Pharmacy of Haarlem in Holland

Made in France for over 100 years, in the respect of the traditional alchemical method.

Traditional alchemical method

Capsules Haarlem

Made in France for over 100 years, respecting the traditional alchemical method, Haarlem Oil has been known and recognized for years by health professionals as an essential wellness product for our body.

It’s a simple and healthy answer to providing your body with organic unoxidized sulfur and boosting vitality! A «grandmother’s remedy» which still has a bright future ahead!


A 400-year-old alchemical discovery

Haarlem Oil is the result of a 400 year old alchemical discovery, which originated in the city of Haarlem in Holland. The license was acquired in 1923 by Dr Thomas, pharmacist, then passed on to Dr J. Lefevre, doctor and pharmacist. This Haarlem oil comes from the combination of Sulfur with essential oil of pine and linseed oil of natural origin.


The benefits of Sulphur

Our bodies need essential elements for cell renewal.
Among these essentials… Unoxidized organic sulfur!

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